July 30, 2019

Wanted | Martijn Tellinga Seeking Volunteer Performers for Project

Martijn Tellinga is a composer / artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Currently, he is in residence at DIT’s Dublin School of Creative Arts until August 30. The residency is part of his PhD candidacy at DIT, which revolves around rethinking musicality and musical form through performance installation practice.

For the development of a new long term project, Martijn is looking for 4 collaborators who are capable of dedicating a number of afternoons this coming month to work with him in an experimental studio situation, trying out new materials and compositional approaches.

The project investigates a score-based approach to long-duration performance installation, applying principles of music composition to simple performative actions involving movement, placement, gesture. This might be extended into use of text and light as well. The studio tests are basically comprised format simulations of the piece, both in time and scale.

The required performances will not be complicated at all. Based on a number of written instructions that you will personally interpret into simple, meditative actions, stripped of any kind of theatricality or virtuosity. No audience or crew other than myself and your fellow performers will be present. So not too worry if you have little or no experience in performance art or music. It’s not essential, but having said that, it will be a great asset if you do.

Please get in touch by email or phone if you’d like to participate, or if you have any further questions.

Contact Martijn Tellinga on +31652626074

Wanted | Martijn Tellinga Seeking Volunteer Performers for Project