February 14, 2019

VAI Workshop | Costing and Pricing Your Work with Patricia Clyne-Kelly (Limerick)

Monday 8 April, 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Whether submitting a commission proposal, working to a project budget or selling your work, it is essential to know how to calculate costs and to have confidence that the price you ask will be sufficient to cover expenses and generate an income and funds for future research and developments during the quiet times.

This workshop will look at basic financial accounting and is simplified into a structure that will assist artists with money matters. It looks at developing a day rate for your work as an artist, building in ongoing overheads into your costings for projects of all kinds whether: workshops; commissions and exhibition fees or pricing individual works of art.

Venue: Ormston House, Limerick.
Tickets: Introductory Offer: VAI Members – based in Limerick, Clare, or Tipperary: €20
VAI Members – outside of Limerick, Clare, or Tipperary: €50
Non-VAI Members €100
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There will be some hands on exercises that Patricia may ask you to do so please do come prepared with pen and paper. The session is also intended to be complimentary to other VAI workshops such as Creative Proposals and Public Art Proposals.

Patricia Clyne-Kelly is an artist, freelance curator and art project consultant. She has delivered professional development workshops for VAI, IADT, DCCoI, county art offices and LEOs around Ireland for 15 years. She is a registered mentor with Galway CoCo art office and DCCoI. Patricia shares an extensive pool of knowledge, built up during a career spanning 25 years working across a broad spectrum of art projects and believes fine tuned professionalism is at the core of sustainable success.

Patricia established Access to Arts in 2003, is owner/director of Clyne Gallery, once based in Temple Bar, now nomadic, was art consultant to Central Bank of Ireland for 7 years, was cofounder/ manager of The CUBE-creative hub, Dublin for 3 yrs.

VAI Workshop | Costing and Pricing Your Work with Patricia Clyne-Kelly (Limerick)