April 10, 2018

The Weight of History | Panel Discussion at Dublin Castle

21 April 3pm to 5pm

Dublin Castle announces the grand finale of their Making Majesty programme. As the exhibition comes to a close, it’s an apt time to consider Dublin Castle’s position in terms of history, politics and society. While Dublin Castle itself is often viewed as a bastion of British rule for hundreds of years, the exhibition focused on the motivations behind the building’s grand regal designs, something we often forget about today. Given the current focus on independence-related events from a century ago and Brexit-related events right now, this Banter panel discussion will look at the responsibilities and challenges of dealing with Dublin Castle’s past in 2018.


  • Diarmaid Ferriter (Professor of Modern Irish History at UCD, author, broadcaster and columnist at The Irish Times).
  • Martina Devlin (writer and columnist at The Irish Independent)
  • John Gibney (Royal Irish Academy historian and author of Dublin – A New Illustrated History)


  • Jim Carroll (journalist, editor of RTE Brainstorm, and producer of Banter)

Tickets cost €5
On sale now here

This panel discussion is part of Dublin Castle’s Making Majesty programme.

The Weight of History | Panel Discussion at Dublin Castle