December 12, 2017

Studio to Rent at GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford

The deadline for application: Monday 18 December, 4pm.

GOMA Gallery of Modern Art is offering a studio to rent on a six month rolling contract. The subsidised rent of each studio space is €60 per month. This covers rent, rates, electricity, heating, wifi and refuse.

Where artists contribute time to daily running of the galley, they will get credit for their rent. This will be refunded back to them at the end of each quarter at a maximum rate of €5 per week. This will be paid into their bank account.

Artists wishing to be considered should apply by emailing a proposal to The proposal is to give detail of your work and to include your CV. and images that best demonstrates your practice.

All artists are required to sign a contract. These contracts will be for 6 months and will be signed every 6 months.
There will be an annual review undertaken to ensure that the artists proposal and work is aligned to the ethos of GOMA.
Rent will need to be paid monthly in advance.
Standing orders are to be completed by all awarded artists.

If you have any further questions please contact Jenna Whelan at or phone 0871961923.

Studio to Rent at GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford