October 24, 2017

Studio Sublet Available in London, Kentish Town

Sublet period will be from November 2017 until April 2018 in general. The minimum sublet time should be a full month.

The space is approx. 35 sq. in size and has a pitched ceiling at some point 4.20m height. The space has excellent natural light condition.

The cost of the space is per month £650.00 – costs included.
There is WIFI and all rates are included. One a month payment upfront for security.
The building has 24 hours access, the studio is part of a bigger studio shared with one other artist. (two independent spaces, lockable)

See also the Raumx website for images of the space:
The space has a table and chairs available.

Contact Martina Geccelli for more information:

Studio Sublet Available in London, Kentish Town