September 12, 2017

Royal Literary Fund Reading Round at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

What is The Royal Literary Fund ‘Reading Round’ and why is it different from other Reading Groups?

The Royal Literary Fund ‘Reading Round’ is a network of reading groups across the UK. Each group is run by former Fellows, all published authors of literary merit. The group leaders (the RLF calls them Lectors) may be playwrights, poets, or writers of fiction or non-fiction, and all are able to offer a unique, writerly perspective on the texts under discussion.

There is no preparatory reading or homework. Each week you will listen to at least two different pieces of writing (such as short stories, poems, short plays or non-fiction such as art or theatre reviews and articles). Photocopies of these texts will be given to you for free. The text is then discussed at length and in depth. Guided by the ‘Lector’ you consider the texts in detail, looking at tone, choice of words, viewpoint, the effect of a certain image or turn of phrase, and so on.

There will be 30 term time sessions, each lasting 90 minutes long. Sessions will be on Fri 11am – 12.30 and Sat 11 – 12.30.

Although anyone can come to the group, there will be an emphasis on theatrical texts and texts on the visual arts so this Belfast group will be of particular interest to those of you who are working in, or stimulated by, both the visual arts and the theatre. Brian McAvera will be running the sessions as Lector and is a playwright, director, art critic, curator and art historian.

There are 15 spaces available which will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Dates: Third week of September
Times: 11:00am – 12:30pm
Fee: Free
Location: Golden Thread Gallery – 84-94 Great Patrick Street
Booking: Email Catherine at with email subject marked as ‘Reading Round’.

Royal Literary Fund Reading Round at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast