September 5, 2017

Principles of Art Therapy Certificate, Dublin

The Principles of Art Therapy Certificate (formerly Art Therapy Certificate Foundation Course) is a validated QQI level 8 (10 credit) course. This course provides an opportunity to explore Art Therapy within a group setting. During each course weekend (Friday night and all day Saturday) students will participate in experiential workshops with qualified arts therapists. A variety of approaches to the process of Art Therapy are introduced through workshops, lectures and seminars. Each weekend is themed around a key principle of the art therapy process. Lectures will explore how the process works with clients of various ages (children, adolescents and adults) and in a range of contexts including e.g. Psychiatry, Probation, Palliative Care, Education, and Learning Disabilities. Topics vary from year to year.

This is an exciting initiative between the Children’s Therapy Centre and CIT Crawford College of Art and Design.

It is recommended that applicants have a level 7 award, or prior experience in community education, art, health or social sector work. Those with no formal qualifications or art experience may also apply. Ideal preparation for CIT’s MA Art Therapy and/or CTC’s MA Creative Psychotherapy.

Dates: January – June 2018
Times: 7.25-9pm Fri, 9.30-5.15 Saturday
Fee: €1450
Location: Macro Building, 1 Green Street, Dublin 7
Booking: for full details and application form. Phone 087 6488149

Principles of Art Therapy Certificate, Dublin