September 7, 2017

Portrait Photography: Stage 3 Workshop at Belfast Exposed

This practical, hands-on course is aimed at people wishing to further develop their knowledge and practice of Portrait Photography. It will help you to create professional lighting set ups, to correctly compose a portrait, to portray the subject’s life and personality, and develop a personal style, confidence and technique.

What You Will Need
– Participants must have completed a β€˜Stage 2: Review’ session with our Belfast Exposed tutor team. This session is the final part of the β€˜Stage 2: Develop & Review Your Photography Practice’ course, but it can also be booked separately.

What You Will Learn
– Experience and knowledge on portrait photography.
– How to create a professional lighting set up.
– How to correctly compose a portrait.
– How to create soft, flattering light for your subject.
– How to use reflectors and flash to light your subject.
– Wide experimentation in response to weekly creative assignments.
– Develop a substantial portfolio of professional standard work with the help and guidance of the Belfast Exposed tutors.

Tutor: Jim Maginn
Dates: Saturday 4, 11 and 18 November 2017
Times: 2pm to 5pm
Fee: Β£150
Location: Belfast Exposed Photography, The Exchange Place, 23 Donegall Street, Belfast
Booking: contact Conor at

Portrait Photography: Stage 3 Workshop at Belfast Exposed