May 8, 2018

Photobook Trends Seminar at The Library Project, Dublin 2

This seminar is aimed at artists, photographers, and creatives working in the design and production of books, and those planning to publish in the near future, who wish to learn about contemporary approaches to this enduring format. Looking at important examples from our extensive book collection, participants will find out how others have applied design thinking. The goal is for participants to leave with an informed opinion on contemporary trends and with enough inspiration to tackle self-publishing.

Photobooks have become a very important tool for photographers. Contemporary photographic practices and publishing nowadays go hand in hand, having the photobook enjoy a continuous boom for the last 10 years. This process was facilitated by cheaper means of production, by deeper collaborations with designers – who in many cases made the object a success beyond the quality of the work- and by the growing exposure of this format with festivals and book exhibitions.

The seminar looks at how we all can benefit from the photobook’s recent history, learning from incredible successes and resounded failures, and informing design strategies to respond to our work. Participants will be invited to browse through and deconstruct a wealth of examples drawn from the temporary exhibition of the Fotobook Festival Kassel Dummy Award shortlist, in addition to the PhotoIreland Foundation Collection.

Dates: Sat 19 May
Times: 12pm
Fee: €25
Location: The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin 2

Photobook Trends Seminar at The Library Project, Dublin 2