January 30, 2018

Open Call | Test works in development at PlatForms, gl贸r

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 28 March

Are you a professional artist developing a new performance and are keen to air it in front of an audience to test how it lands?

PlatForms is an opportunity for artists practising in any performance genre to spend some brief time at gl贸r testing an excerpt from your new work. Three or four artists/companies will be selected to present a short 10/15 minute excerpt that you have been developing, and to place it carefully in front of the audience, to tease out their responses to it, and help you test the genesis of your ideas. The intention of this initiative is to provide a platform and sharing point for innovative work within its development, in a manner that is supportive, constructive and progressive.

The selected artists will have the opportunity to spend a technical session in gl贸r with our technicians testing and rehearsing the work in advance, and will also have the opportunity to have a pre-arranged phone/skype chat with the PlatForms dramaturg/host to focus their objectives and questions for the PlatForms platform. After the evening the artist/company will also have an opportunity to have a debrief by phone/skype with the dramaturg/host to reflect on their learnings from the initiative.

Selection will be made by members of the gl贸r team in consultation with the Dramaturg/host. A small contribution to travel expenses will be made to each artist/group selected (鈧75 per group).

PlatForms will take place on Thursday 26th April at 7.30pm in the gl贸r auditorium.

gl贸r, Causeway Link, Ennis, Co. Clare
T: 065 684 3103

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Open Call | Test works in development at PlatForms, gl贸r