February 27, 2018

Open Call | No, It Is Not; Not Always at By Other Means Gallery, London

Application deadline: 2 March

Downtown 500 Magazine is looking for creatives and artists from all disciplines and backgrounds to submit their work for the launch of No, It Is Not; Not Always, a new project that draws on the intersectionality of contemporary society through a metamodernist lens. Chosen artworks will be featured in our upcoming multidisciplinary exhibition and performance event that will take place starting from the 9th of March at By Other Means gallery in London. Artists expenses paid.

The Discourse
The dialectical nature of the human condition has been a topic of interest for artists, critical thinkers, philosophers, and anyone with a penchant for understanding the fragile yet powerful nature of humanity.

Whilst postmodernism aims at showing us an irreconcilable and cynical version of the world, metamodernists push for the resurgence of a Hegelian type of philosophical discourse that captures the divergences between us in a more positive and dynamic light. Like the oscillations of a pendulum, metamodernism reveals itself through its simultaneity by juxtaposing past and present, destruction and reconstruction, freedom and captivity as unified as one, integral, absurdist narrative.

The hero, or rather, meta-hero we are looking for is a creative who can find their way through this paradoxical narrative and emerge with fresh, newly critical and ambitious discourses.

How To Take Part
Send your artist name, chosen medium, website/portfolio and a short written proposal through submission form.

Your artistic mediums may include but are not limited to: Visual Arts, Performance Arts, Theatre, Spoken and Written Word, Sound Installation, Graphic Design, Sculpture etc.

For more information and to apply online:

Open Call | No, It Is Not; Not Always at By Other Means Gallery, London