December 12, 2017

Open Call | HOPE IS MAYBE Exhibiton, Munich

Application deadline: 22 December

HOPE IS MAYBE is a growing exhibition, based on interviews with asylum seekers, demonstrating its fluency of interpretations. It will first be shown in Munich at the Jesuit Refugee Home and at Munich International Airport. Both exhibitions are the foundation for a catalogue.

HOPE is hardly to be defined. What do we HOPE for? Does HOPE depend on the country of origin? Our language? Our education? Our faith? Our personal emotions? HOPE IS MAYBE.

Michael Haerteis at COLLABORATIVE CREATIVITY has initiated this public art project in collaboration with Jesuit Refugee Service in Munich and is supported by the Chaplaincy at Munich Airport and Misereor Aachen.

Based on interviews with asylum seekers, Michael has collected prominent statements that center around these questions. In a next step, artists are now invited to choose a citation from the list, reflect on it, and create or share an artwork, which will become part of the exhibition.

View the list of citations and apply here:

If you should be interested in submitting work please keep the following in mind: Due to the nature of the project, the organisers cannot exhibit original works of art. Any submitted artwork will be reproduced to meet the requirements of any exhibition location. Any submission needs to be digitally transferred in the highest possible resolution – ideally 300 dpi at original scale.

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Open Call | HOPE IS MAYBE Exhibiton, Munich