February 21, 2018

Open Call for Online Commission | Mural Online Platform with ISIS Arts, UK

Application deadline: 25 February, midnight

This is a call for work from Artists to test and explore the potential for the Mural online platform as a tool for artists. If you are successful we will contact you with login details and a set of instructions. Successful projects will be used to showcase what is possible with Mural. Final work will be shared via the ISIS Arts Website.

Mural is an exciting new online platform that simplifies the presentation of visually rich, engaging stories online. The partnership between the Mural development team and ISIS Arts has grown from the use of an early version of the platform to share artwork and stories from CORNERS, a multi partner European project. ISIS Arts are the UK partner for CORNERS and developed the CORNERS Live platform as an exciting hybrid exhibition, broadcast and collaborative online space for artists and global audiences to connect and share their experiences. Go to: / to see an example of how it can be used.

ISIS Arts are now partnering with the Mural team as an Innovation Partner to test Mural as useful tool for artists and cultural organisations. At its simplest Mural is a digital storytelling platform that expands upon a journalistic format known as β€˜longform’, and can combine audio, still image, text and video in a full-screen format.But we are excited to see what other possibilities the platform offers in the hands of creative practitioners.

This call is open to all artists, technologists and digital makers regardless of nationality, age, or career stage.

There is a one-off commission fee of €250.00 (to include research and all stages of production for the work). This is a micro commission opportunity which is reflected in the fee. It is intended to cover one day’s work so please bear that in mind when submitting your proposal. It is a way for us to test the platform and get to know you as we continue to develop Mural.

Please send the following information:

● Title and description of commission proposal for Mural (150 words maximum)
● 3 links to past work and a link to your website if you have one.
● Relevant bio – 50 words
● Contact details

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Open Call for Online Commission | Mural Online Platform with ISIS Arts, UK