October 27, 2017

Open Call | AaBKC Residency Spring 2018 (Curator), Denmark

Application deadline: Sunday, 5 November

AaBKC Residency’s Spring 2018 program invites one international curator to live and work in Aarhus from April 30 – June 22, 2018, where s/he will have an opportunity to meet local artists and arts professionals, visit artist studios and exhibition spaces, and participate in networking meetings and cultural events. By focusing on networking, AaBKC Residency facilitates short- and long-term professional development, allowing curators to broaden their knowledge base, develop new and meaningful professional contacts and relationships, create future work opportunities, refine their networking skills, and build other vital professional capacities.

In addition to exploring the arts community of Aarhus, AaBKC Residency also gives visiting curators the time and space they need to conduct research, write, plan exhibitions, or engage in other self-directed work, as desired. We do not expect a specific product or exhibition as the result of the residency, but wish to provide residents with the necessary resources to make the most of their time in Denmark.

Living accommodations and work space will be provided. AaBKC staff will also offer comprehensive administrative support throughout the residency, working with the selected curator to develop a residency program tailored to his/her specific interests and professional goals, offering professional counseling, and introducing the resident artist to relevant networking partners.

Emerging and established curators are welcome to apply. The successful applicant will have a strong desire to expand their network of artists, curators, gallerists, and other arts professionals.

– Combined living/work accommodations: private apartment in central Aarhus, with attached multi-purpose work space
– Additional work space: desk within Aarhus Center for Visual Art’s offices
– Administrative and networking support from Aarhus Center for Visual Art staff
– Discounted meal card for Godsbanen’s in-house cafe, Spiselauget
– Bicycle

– 10.000 DKK stipend (honorarium, travel, and ART BAR)
– Free living accommodations and work space
– Residents must cover daily living and working expenses

For more information and application details:

Open Call | AaBKC Residency Spring 2018 (Curator), Denmark