August 24, 2018

New Spaces: Bird | Margaret Salmon at Gwyn's Cafe and Pavilion, Derry

25/08/2018 – 22/09/2018 – All Day
Gwyn’s Cafe and Pavilion, Brooke Park, Derry
A riff on the pioneering films of the Children’s Film Fund producer and director Mary Field – particularly her early ‘Secrets of Nature’ series – Margaret Salmon’s Bird is a 6-minute moving image work aimed at general audiences with a focus on children. As much about observation and environment as education and spectatorship, Bird interacts with the design of Gwyn’s Café and Pavilion, a mostly glass-fronted building situated at the top of a hill, offering scenic views of Brooke Park below. Installed with adult and child-friendly headphones to experience Bird’s score by composer Matthew Herbert, this exhibition recognises the history…
New Spaces: Bird | Margaret Salmon at Gwyn’s Cafe and Pavilion, Derry