May 8, 2018

Music in Medicine with Jayne Demakos at Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore

An information and creative workshop at Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore for health care providers, families and community members, exploring the effects of THERAPEUTIC HARP on end of life care. Therapeutic harp at the bedside of patients is closely aligned with Music Thanatology (music for the dying) and uses live harp music and voice to prescriptively address physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of patients. Key principles of prescriptive music will be covered supported by case studies, stories and testimonies.
Participants will be offered a series of demonstrations and exercises, personally exploring the impact of music on the body, emotions and attitudes. (Participants are not required to bring any instruments)

Therapeutic Harp is a complimentary medicine that offers music for those facing physical, emotional, psycho-social and spiritual challenges. In Gerontology, therapeutic music and music therapy is gaining wide spread acclaim in restoring well-being and quality of life for elders especially for those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

In Hospice, therapeutic harp is neither entertainment nor a bedside performance. Therapeutic music seeks healing rather than curing, and is recognised as an effective complementary medicine enhancing traditional and mainstream medicines.

Workshop facilitator, Jayne Demakos is based in Ithaca, New York State and provides therapeutic harp and voice in health care facilities in Central New York and is a certified Therapeutic Harp practitioner.

Dates: Thursday 7 June
Times: 10.30am-12noon
Fee: Free – booking is essential
Location: Education Centre, Scott Building, Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore, Co Offaly

Music in Medicine with Jayne Demakos at Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore