October 31, 2018

Matter Has No Destiny | Discussion and Artist Talk at Pallas Projects

Thursday 1 November, 6 to 7pm, Pallas Project’s gallery space.

Ann Ensor and Louisa Casas will be in conversation in response to Matter Has No Destiny with fellow artists and members of a New Materialism reading group HEAVY WEATHER.

This will be an open discussion referring specifically to a text Contingency and Complexity by Iranian philosopher Reza Negarestani (available at the gallery over the duration of the exhibition and by download from Pallas Project’s website). Participation welcome.

Pallas Projects/Studios are pleased to present Ann Ensor and Louisa Casas—Matter Has No Destiny the eleventh exhibition of our Artist-Initiated Projects programme.

‘…Matter is produced and productive, generated and generative. Matter is agentive, not a fixed essence or property of things. Mattering is differentiating, and which differences come to matter, matter in iterative production of different differences…’—excerpt from Meeting the Universe Half Way, Karen Barad 2007

Matter Has No Destiny represents the related practices of Ann Ensor and Louisa Casas, which delve into the immanent generativity of matter. The exhibition engenders physical and sensory dynamics through both sculptural and two dimensional pieces unified within an immersive sound installation by Ann Ensor.…has-no-destiny

Matter Has No Destiny | Discussion and Artist Talk at Pallas Projects