September 29, 2017

Managing Your Taxes Workshop with Gaby Smyth, Co. Kerry

14 October

Words Ireland is delighted to partner with Kerry County Council and Listowel Writers Week to bring you one of their regional Writers Café on Taxation for writers and creatives.

This session is a practical guide to revenue and taxation issues for writers and creatives. From managing your books to understanding taxation matters, Income Tax to Artist Exemption, this session is what you need to feel comfortable with accounting for your artistic practice. This event will be delivered as an informal presentation with the opportunity for your queries to be answered by an industry specialist in accounting for the arts. Participants will be provided with a presentation covering all aspects of the session post event. Make it your business to manage your business well – join us in working your way through best practice in managing your tax affairs.

Programme Content

  • How to account for your business: books and records
  • Allowable trading expenditure
  • Treatment of capital expenditure
  • Income tax returns: preparation and filing
  • PRSI and USC
  • Artist Exemption

Gaby Smyth is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and managing director of Gaby Smyth & Company Ltd. He has been in practice for 20 years, specialising in the literary, visual, music, film and theatre arts. Gaby is currently chair of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and Opera Theatre Company.

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Managing Your Taxes Workshop with Gaby Smyth, Co. Kerry