February 22, 2019

Job Vacancy | Senior Curator at McMaster Museum of Art, Canada

Application deadline: Thursday 28 February.

The MMA is a public, university-affiliated art museum, one amongst 40 such institutions in Canada. The MMA houses one of the best collections in a university-affiliate in the country. The collection of approximately 6,500 objects, includes Inuit, First Nations, contemporary Canadian and 15th-20th Century European art. The collection is housed in a facility with museum standard environmental and security controls, 5 exhibition galleries, 5 on-site storage vaults and 11 full-time staff. The Museum hosts an on-going exhibition program, pubic/education program and acquisitions program, along with a significant on-line and social media presence.

Reporting to the Director/Chief Curator of the MMA, the Senior Curator will contribute to the academic and research interests of the University and the Museum through the development and production of innovative and engaging exhibitions, publications and, acquisitions. The Senior Curator will provide instruction, both formally and informally, to staff, students and visitors. The positionโ€™s curatorial responsibilities will support the academic mission of McMaster University to encourage lifelong learning, academic innovation and an inclusive community. Of utmost importance is a knowledge of and commitment to innovation in museologial practice and an interest in developing a relevant practice within the context of the contemporary Canadian art community and the university-affiliate sector in particular.

In addition to the curatorial component of the position, the Senior Curator โ€“ along with the Director/Chief Curator โ€“ is considered part of the Universityโ€™s Management Team and as such is expected to supervise staff, mentor other curatorial staff; enroll in various management and leadership courses offered by the University and, attend on-going management level town halls, open forums and workshops at the University. The Senior Curator is responsible, in partnership with the Director/Chief Curator, for managing the Museum (including environmental, security and staff interests).

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Job Vacancy | Senior Curator at McMaster Museum of Art, Canada