April 1, 2018

Job Vacancy | Research Adviser with the Arts Council

Application deadline: Monday, 23 April, 12.00

The Arts Council is seeking to procure the services of a Research Adviser.

The adviser will provide advice and support to:
– Establish and managing a research framework;
– Develop internal knowledge, capacity and competencies around research;
– Develop and deliver of specific research projects and initiatives;
– Communicate, utilise and apply the outcomes of research.

The contract is offered for a 1 year period with the potential for renewal of two further 1 year periods.

Application is by a public tender process advertised via the eTenders Government procurement website

Queries or clarifications regarding the contract should be directed to the Questions and Answers facility at on or before 12.00 on Friday, 6 April 2018 and should not be directed to the Arts Council.

Job Vacancy | Research Adviser with the Arts Council