December 18, 2017

Job Vacancy | Head of Access and Engagement at Void, Derry

Application deadline: 12 January 2018

Void is a not-for-profit gallery dedicated to the presentation and dissemination of contemporary art practices that prioritise risk and innovation. In addition to hosting exhibitions of contemporary art in a wide range of disciplines, the Void Engage Programme facilitates workshops, outreach programmes, artist talks, screenings, performances, and information sessions to enhance and complement its mandate. The Gallery strives to engage the general public and ignite thought through its programming, and collaborates with other local, national and international organisations to expand their audience and enrich their community.

Void are seeking an experienced Head of Access and Engagement who will

– Devise and deliver a programme for community groups, particularly those with little or no access to cultural activity in Derry/Londonderry, schools, colleges and other groups and interpretative material to accompany the gallery, and offsite programmes to enable audiences to actively engage with the work of living artists.

– Foster contact and understanding between artists and the communities of Derry and broaden people’s knowledge, engagement and expectations of the contemporary visual arts.

– Promote, participation and enjoyment of contemporary art and its importance as a medium for understanding the world we live in.
To develop funding sources to support the growth of the outreach programme.

For a full job description and application form please email

This is a full time position at Β£25, 951 per annum (35 hours per week).

Job Vacancy | Head of Access and Engagement at Void, Derry