May 4, 2018

Job Vacancy | Chief Operating Officer of Macnas

Application deadline: Friday 18 May, 5pm

Macnas is engaged in restructuring the company and in the context of Galway 2020 has identified an opportunity for a Chief Operating Officer.

This will be a full-time position based in Galway and operating globally with the potential to play a transformative role.

The role is envisaged as one where, working closely with the CEO and reporting directly to the Board, the COO will:

  • Act as a key ambassador for Macnas internally and externally with stakeholders, funders, potential partners and international collaborators Lead on the re-structuring and reimagining of the company, including recruitment
  • Devise and implement new company strategies for the business direction of Macnas
  • Lead on the delivery of the ambitious programme which the company has set itself, including Gilgamesh in 2020
  • Devise and implement strategies to make the most for the company of the opportunities, which the Galway 2020 showcase and other international work provides

This is a full-time position based in Galway, initially on a three-year contract, with a six month probationary period.
The salary offered is ​50,000 euro per year.

You should forward your CV and a one-page letter of application detailing your suitability for the role to

Further info and application details:

Job Vacancy | Chief Operating Officer of Macnas