March 7, 2019

Job Vacancy | Artist Liaison at Earagail Arts Festival, Donegal

Application deadline: Monday 18 March, 5pm.

Earagail Arts Festival is seeking proposals for the provision of a contract for services of an Artist Liaison for the period 1st April 2019 – 2nd August 2019. Earagail Arts Festival is Donegal’s premier celebration of local, national and international culture and one of the largest arts festivals in Ireland. Over 40,000 people from across Donegal and around the world attend approximately 100 events in 35 venues spread over 19 towns over 20 days and nights across the North West of Ireland.

The task will entail working on a part-time basis, for a number of hours per week, over the period 01 April – 02 August 2019.
The place of work will be at the offices of the Earagail Arts Festival Management Company Limited.

Budget: The remuneration for this post is €5,000 before taxes.
Full description here:….pdf

Your proposal should include an overall costing for the delivery of the service. Please include any additional information that you consider is relevant to your proposed delivery of this service. Please also include an up-to-date CV, including the names of two referees or previous or current clients whom we may contact, should we wish to offer you this contract.

Earagail Arts Festival welcomes proposals for the provision for services of an Artist Liaison. Please submit your proposal by or by email to: or in writing by CV and cover letter to:
Earagail Arts Festival 2c Riverside Office Park Neil T Blaney Letterkenny
Co Donegal
F92 YN40

Job Vacancy | Artist Liaison at Earagail Arts Festival, Donegal