October 1, 2018

Illustration Business Masterclass with AO, Smithfield

Wednesday 10 October, 18:30 to 21:30.

Join the AOI’s Lou Bones for this comprehensive evening event covering all the essential areas for a successful career in illustration including pricing, licensing, self-promotion, understanding the commissioner’s journey and working internationally. We will also be focussing the more difficult issues such as dealing with copyright infringement, fee erosion, late payments, difficult clients and the ins and outs of client negotiation, contracts, fees and industry standards.

Lou Bones will draw on real examples and share practical tips before leading a Q&A. This masterclass is aimed at seasoned professionals and the up-and-coming alike.

Introduction to the AOI
Social media
The commissioner’s journey
Copyright / rights: what it is, how it works, dealing with copyright infringement
5-minute break

Contracts: what they are, what’s in them + why they are needed
Client negotiation: how to get what you want, dealing with tricky situations, late payments, difficult clients and common fee erosion tactics
Pricing Your Work: examples of fees + insider info
Further info
30-minute Q and A

Location: Rothco, Haymarket, Smithfield Market Square, Dublin 7
Book here:…evening-masterclass

Illustration Business Masterclass with AO, Smithfield