August 29, 2017

Hedgerow Wine and Mixed Media Printing Workshops at Mourne Creative

Leo Cullen who has been making our Elderflower Champagne Plum Wine and Raspberry Beer for Creative Weekends will be taking a workshop on Hedgerow wine craft. On Saturday 7 October come to learn to make your own organic wines from 100% organic ingredients. Learn from which seasons to pick the best ingredients right through to the fermanting process. Leo will be demostrating the workshop with his freshly harvested apples. Bring your own freshly foraged seasonal friut and Leo will guide you throught the rest. Leo also asks to bring you own bottles and caps.

On Sunday 8 October Ruth Osborne Art will be taking her workshop for Mourne Creative on Textile Art involving Natural Forms in Mixed media printing on linen. In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to experiment with hand printing onto beautiful Irish Linen using natural materials and find out more about the folklore and superstition attached to the seasonal flora. Participants will create unique prints inspired by the natural environment of County Down and experiment with colour, pattern and mark making. These mixed media prints will then be turned into delicately printed cards or votive jars.

Dates: 7 and 8 October 2017
Times: 10-4pm
Fee: Both Workshops and an overnight stay at the cottages to include all home made meals cost £185
An overnight stay and one workshop costs £135
OR £60 each for thr Wine Crafting and Textile Art Workshops
Location: Mourne Creative at Tory Bush Cottages, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Hedgerow Wine and Mixed Media Printing Workshops at Mourne Creative