January 9, 2018

Hand Drawn Animation Beginner Workshop at A4 Sounds

Hand Drawn Animation is the creation of moving pictures through the frame by frame photographing of a sequence of drawings. In this workshop, participants will work individually to draw morphing character animations on paper. They will also make their own phenakistoscope, a Victorian optical toy.

The course is aimed at anyone who has an interest in animation. No previous experience is necessary, though it might be of particular interest to filmmakers and visual artists.

Paper Panther Productions are an award winning Irish Animation company, that specialises in original storytelling and a stop-motion aesthetic. Paper Panther have over 10 years experience creating short films, advertisements and TV Series as well as illustration and education. Their most recent projects include, The Bird and the Whale and An Gadhar Dubh. Since 2010, the Paper Panther team have been organising animation workshops and classes with students aged 1-60. You can view some of their students’ work in here!

Dates: Saturday 3 February 2018
Times: 3 to 6pm
Fee: €40
Location: A4 Sounds, St Joseph’s Parade, off Upper Dorset Street, Dublin 1

Hand Drawn Animation Beginner Workshop at A4 Sounds