September 5, 2017

Funding | Atlantic Fellows Program at GBHI

Application deadline: 30 September

The Atlantic Fellows program at the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) provides innovative training in brain health, leadership, and dementia prevention to a broad array of promising leaders from various professions, including medicine, science, business, law, journalism, and the arts.

Through their work, Fellows are expected to emphasize local and global health inequities that need to be addressed by practitioners and policymakers, with the goal of reducing the scale and impact of dementia in local communities around the world.

Fellows are provided with:

  • A customizable 6 or 12-month experience with a base at the University of California, San Francisco or Trinity College Dublin
  • One-to-one mentoring on projects aimed at advancing brain health
  • Weekly courses on health economics, leadership, ethics, policy, brain health, and dementia, among other topics
  • Observation and participation in clinical cases
  • Access to a network of researchers, clinicians, and policy makers for career-length mentoring
  • Opportunities for pilot funding
  • A stipend during the course of their training

All suitable candidates are encouraged to submit a full application, which are competitively reviewed by a selection committee from each partner organization. Applications require two letters of support to demonstrate regional commitment to an applicant’s success, as well as a personal statement from the applicant that describes their passion and interest in the program. Short-listed applicants will be interviewed virtually by a GBHI representative, after which a final selection will be made. Up to 40 positions will be filled annually.

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Funding | Atlantic Fellows Program at GBHI