December 12, 2017

Funding | Arts Council Project Awards

Application deadline: Thursday 15 February, 5pm

The Arts Council will offer Project awards in the following:

  • Arts Participation
  • Circus
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Music
  • Street Arts and Spectacle
  • Traditional Arts
  • Theatre

The Arts Council’s Project awards support specific project activities under each of the above artform/arts practice areas. The Visual Arts Project Award deadline is in August.

The award guidelines for each award can be downloaded from the available funding section of the Arts Council’s website from mid December:

Who can apply:
The award is open to individuals and organisations.

Who cannot apply:
Organisations in receipt of grant funding for 2018 cannot apply. This means organisations in receipt of Strategic Funding, Venues Funding or Partnership Funding.

NOTE: you cannot make an application for both Project Funding and Arts Grant Funding in 2018.

Funding | Arts Council Project Awards