March 26, 2019

Funding | Arts Council Dance Artist Residency Scheme

Application deadline: 11 April, 5:30pm.

The purpose of the dance artist residency scheme is to stabilise and support a network of dance artists in residence across the country. The specific contents of the work programme will be designed by the dance artist in collaboration with the venue and local authority.

The award guidelines can be downloaded from the available funding section of the Arts Council’s website:…/Dance-artist-residency-scheme/

Applications will only be accepted through the Arts Council’s online services website and all supporting material must be submitted online. Applicants who have not previously used the online services site must register in advance of making an application. It may take up to five working days for your registrations to be confirmed so it is very important that you register as early as possible.

Funding | Arts Council Dance Artist Residency Scheme