August 6, 2019

Funding | Arts Council Arts Centre Funding 2020

Application deadline: 19 September, 5.30pm.

In response to the Review of Venues and Arts Centres the Arts Council introduces Arts Centre Funding for 2020.

The purpose of Arts Centre Funding is to invest in and support the infrastructure of arts centres required to sustain and develop the arts in Ireland.

Arts centres are defined as full-time, public-facing, professionally managed, building-based arts organisations. They support the creation, presentation and mediation of the arts across a range of artforms and arts practices. They support professional, collaborative, voluntary and amateur arts practice.

The Arts Centre Funding Programme is open only to building-based, professionally managed, multidisciplinary arts organisations that are open to the public all year round.

The Policy and Strategy for Arts Centres is available on the Arts Council’s website. Guidelines and application forms available here:

Funding | Arts Council Arts Centre Funding 2020