August 3, 2017

Documentary Photography: Stage 3 Workshop at Belfast Exposed

This practical, hands-on course is aimed at people wishing to further develop their knowledge and practice of Documentary Photography.

This creative and practical course will help you to develop and gain confidence in Documentary Photography, and will assist you with building and working on a photo essay, selecting a subject and theme to photograph, working in a methodical way to document your theme.

What You Will Need
โ€“ Participants must have completed a โ€˜Stage 2: Reviewโ€™ session with our Belfast Exposed tutor team. This session is the final part of the โ€˜Stage 2: Develop and Review Your Photography Practiceโ€™ course, but it can also be booked separately.

What You Will Learn
โ€“ Experience and knowledge on documentary photography.
โ€“ How to develop and work on a photographic essay.
โ€“ A methodical way of documenting your subject and theme.
โ€“ Develop a substantial portfolio of professional standard work with the help and guidance of the Belfast Exposed tutors.

Tutor: Chris Barr
Dates: Saturday 7, 14 and 21 October 2017
Times: 2pm to 5pm
Fee: ยฃ150
Location: Belfast Exposed Photography, The Exchange Place, 23 Donegall Street, Belfast
Booking: contact Conor at

Documentary Photography: Stage 3 Workshop at Belfast Exposed