January 14, 2019

Commission | The Lost Palace of North Kerry, Lixnaw, Kerry

Application deadline: Thursday 28 February, 1pm.

Creative Ireland Kerry at the Arts Office of Kerry County Council and in association with the Conservation Office at Kerry County Council, wish to develop a creative project as a cultural heritage initiative in Lixnaw in the Listowel Municipal District. The aim of the project is work creatively to assist understanding and appreciation of the built heritage of 18th Century Lixnaw. The collaboration currently has two aims which will conclude in the late Spring of 2019 and include the following:

1. A Creative Project with schools and the local community
2. A Seminar Day in Lixnaw that will include presentations, conversation and a showcase of the 18th century historical landscape.

Applicants are being asked to submit under point 1 above for a Creative Project only. The aim is to link with local schools and the local community introducing a creative process that has a creative outcome in the form of a temporary or more permanent artwork, (point 2 is mentioned above as point 1(Creative Project) will be showcased as part of point 2 (Seminar). A minimum two-person collaboration is requested regarding applications to this opportunity.

Lixnaw in North Kerry has a rich cultural heritage and an opportunity exists to develop a creative project for the county that links to the historical significance of the area. The aim is to initiate a process of discovery and engagement with this heritage for the local and wider Kerry community, putting in place a creative process and resulting project that will raise awareness as well as animate the rich heritage of the area. Following a process of creative engagement with schools and community groups, the project outcome can but is not limited to the creation of an art piece or artwork such as 3D model, film, performance, happening or other creative outcome that will express the community’s newfound appreciation for Lixnaw, its heritage and its historical significance.

The requirement is to select and work with two to three primary schools in the area and 2-3 community groups, over a twelve- week period, culminating in a showcase or artwork from this collaboration. The creative outcome may or may not thereafter be available to the people of Lixnaw, depending on the nature of same. The community who engage can have a hand in the creation of the creative outcome, this element is up to the practitioners to decide.

The budget is currently set at €8,000.00 and must include all costs, involved in the creative process and the creative outcome. It must include contact time in the schools and the community, facilitation and making fees, materials, travel, installation/presentation/staging as relevant, and VAT. This represents the maximum budget available to the creative project and the creative outcome.

Please carefully read the Project Brief and Application Form here:…brief-creative-practitioners

Open Site Visit:
Interested applicants are invited to an open site visit of the area which has been arranged by the local Community Working Group along with the Architecture Conservation Officer at Kerry County Council. The meeting point for the open site visit is outside the Catholic Church in Lixnaw village at 11am on Saturday 2nd February 2019. Prior registration is necessary by email to

Selection Panel:
The panel will have representatives from Kerry County Council, the local community, the Arts Office and an independent professional artist.

Commission | The Lost Palace of North Kerry, Lixnaw, Kerry