February 22, 2019

Commission | Áislann Ghaoth Dobhair, Donegal

Application deadline: Friday 5 April, 4pm.

The Áislann Ghaoth Dobhair complex represents a modern day Gaeltacht with the vibrancy and vitality of Irish speaking entrepreneurs redefining a new narrative for Páirc Ghnó Ghaoth Dobhair.

They invite an art commission that reflects the various narratives and stories relating to Páirc Ghnó Ghaoth Dobhair. The commission may commemorate the history of the Industrial Estate/Business Park, the socio-economic and cultural history of the North West Gaeltacht. Furthermore, the work may acknowledge the contribution of those who were involved in the founding of the industrial estate/business park, the community groups and the emigrants. The various trades that were practiced, the shift from agricultural/ fishing work practises to manufacturing is an important part of the narrative as well as those who have worked there over the years.

The nature of the work sought is a site-specific, visual artwork which it is envisaged will be sited outdoors, on or in the immediate vicinity of the Áislann building. It is expected that the artwork, in addition to reflecting the theme of the commission- as outlined above – should create a sense of identity and place for the Áislann building. It should have a positive interactive and visual impact in a space that is both modern and active and that serves as a centre for innovation, creativity and technology.

The Commissioners wish that the work be sited on, or in the vicinity of, the Áislann building in Páirc Ghnó Ghaoth Dobhair, Na Doirí Beaga, Leitir Ceanainn, Contae Dhún na nGall.
Please see the Site Map and Photographic images, as attached in brief.

Budget: €50,000 (inc. all costs and VAT)
Please read full Artists Brief: Togra Pobal Ealaíon @Áislann GD ENG

The Commissioners will employ a Two-Stage Open Competition Process to select a suitable practitioner(s) to deliver the Commission. It is open to all interested professional artists at any stage of their career or experience.

Interested practitioners are invited to submit the following to the Commissioners at Stage 1:
– Application form;
– Curriculum Vitae;
– a brief Artist’s Statement – accompanied by preliminary drawing(s) only – indicating how they might propose to engage with this commission; images / details of recent relevant works / projects;
– a sample selection of recently completed Public Art Commissions (if relevant).

No designs or detailed proposals are required at Stage 1.

From the completed Stage 1 applications; a shortlist of artists will be selected by panel jury. For Stage Two Submissions, the Commissioners will pay the Artist a premium of €500, upon delivery of their proposal.

The Selection Panel will consist of four members of the Public Art Working Group and a Professional Artist/artist representative and will be chaired by the manager of the Áislann facility.

Applicants can make enquiries regarding the commission to Danielle Nic Pháidín, by telephone + 353 74 60100 or by email

Commission | Áislann Ghaoth Dobhair, Donegal