January 9, 2018

Call for Membership and Open Access at Graphic Studio Dublin

Application deadline: Friday 26 January, 4pm

Graphic Studio Dublin welcomes applications for Membership and Open Access. Members enjoy 24hr/365day access to four floors of fantastic printmaking facilities. Open Access is 15 days of supervised access to the Studio, prepaid, to be used Monday to Friday and within a calendar year.

Applications for membership or open access are in writing and must include:
– a cover letter stating why the candidate wishes to join Graphic Studio Dublin,
– an up to date CV (including all relevant professional experience listed in chronological order)
– and an artist’s statement.

Applications for membership must be accompanied by a portfolio (no larger than A1 in size) containing a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 of the applicants best pieces of original print work (no photographs or discs please) any extra information regarding the prints submitted is welcome and encouraged (dates, inspiration, etc.).

A panel of assessors, including the Studio Director, and an outside assessor, evaluate the portfolio, seeking demonstration of ability in at least one method of printmaking. In the absence of a formal qualification in printmaking, the candidate must demonstrate professional competency through work practice.

Membership: fees €550
Open Access: the fee is €300 for 15 days paid in advance

For more information please visit:
or contact

Call for Membership and Open Access at Graphic Studio Dublin