March 20, 2018

between objects in the waking world | Rosa Barba at Void, Derry

25 March to 12 May 2018

Exhibition launch – Saturday 24 March, 6-8:30pm. Artist’s talk – 6-7pm.

Rosa Barba’s work situates itself within the realm of film and expands into sculptural forms through the exploration of the physicality of film itself and how that plays with light and spatiality. For this exhibition ‘between objects in the waking world’ she is exhibiting filmic works that situate themselves between experimental documentary and fictional narratives. Her films are located within specific geographic landscapes, whether manmade or natural often times desolate locations not conducive to human habitation. In saying that there is ‘psychogeographical’ element to these works through her study of the specific effect of the geographical environment on the behaviour and emotions of individuals; this is demonstrated in her films ‘Outwardly from the Earth’s Centre’ (2007) and ‘Disseminate and Hold’ (2016). Barba’s film works are fictions based within fiction, engaging with the tropes of documentary film making to create this sense of the real and to immerse the viewer in multi layered narratives. She is also engaged in this idea of film as a form of writing as can be seen in her piece ‘Optic Ocean’ (2011) a printed film script exhibited alongside ‘Somnium’ (2011).

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Patrick Street, Derry, BT48 7EL Northern Ireland
T: +44(0)28 7130 8080

between objects in the waking world | Rosa Barba at Void, Derry