Vault Artist Studios

A large community driven studio group working across many artforms

Vault Artist Studios are a community driven, not for profit arts charity. Our mission is to provide affordable art studios for creatives working across a wide variety of art forms.

Hundreds of commercial and industrial buildings are vacant and decaying all over Belfast. Many long-term empty properties stay that way for years, even decades. We were established in 2017 to make use of these spaces and to provide a platform for artistic talent to flourish.

We strive for variety and diversity in our make up and see our multidisciplinary nature as our main strength in building a community. This enables us to transform neighbourhoods, increase accessibility to the arts, and enrich the local communities around us.

In a short period of time; Vault Artists studios have become a major contributor to the cultural identity of Belfast. Adding to the creative narrative of the city.

Opening Hours for Belfast Open Studios

11am – 5pm

Studio Artists

  • Aaron Magowan
  • Adam Turkington
  • Alana Barton
  • Ali Fell
  • Alice Malseed
  • Andrew Melville
  • Angelique Ross
  • Anne Quail
  • Ash Reynolds
  • Ben Behzadafshar
  • Benen Dillon
  • Catherine Jane Hart
  • Cathy Brennan Bradley
  • Cathy Scullion
  • Christina Nelson
  • Colm Clarke
  • Daniel Malcolm
  • Darian Barr
  • David Quinn
  • Dearbhla Reynolds
  • Dragos Musat
  • Ed Reynolds
  • Elaine Taylor
  • Emily McDonagh
  • Eoin McGinn
  • Esther O’Kelly
  • Gail O’Brien
  • Gemma Mae Halligan
  • Gerard Norman
  • Hannah Smith
  • Helen Ashton
  • Helen Gomez
  • Jacob Anderson
  • Jamie Harper
  • Jasmin Marker
  • John Baucher
  • John Macormac
  • Jonathan Brennan
  • Jonny McEwen
  • Joshua Burnside
  • Julie Kinsella
  • Kathryn Bannister
  • Kathryn McShane
  • Katie Richardson
  • Kerrie Hanna
  • Kristi Campbell
  • Laura Nelson
  • Leo Boyd
  • Lesley Kathleen Wilson
  • Linda McBurney
  • Margaret Woods
  • Marian Noone
  • Marion Hawkes
  • Mary Jordan
  • Mayte Ruiz Cala
  • Michael McCullagh
  • Michael O’Halloran
  • Mike Smith
  • Neal Campbell
  • Neil Foster
  • Neil Hainsworth
  • Paul Currie
  • Paul McGuinness
  • Paul Moore
  • Peter Brien
  • Peter Glasgow
  • Phil Harrison
  • Ralph Connolly
  • Raquel Amat Parra
  • Ray Bonner
  • Rob Hilken
  • Rob Ireson
  • Robin Price
  • Ryan MacFarlane
  • Sally O’Dowd
  • Sinead O’Neill-Nicholl
  • Sinead Quinn
  • Siobhan Kelly
  • Siobhan McKinley
  • Tim Millen
  • Tonya McMullan
  • Trisha McNally
  • Ursula Burns
  • Wendynicole Keys
  • Wilhelmina Peace Covington

Contact Details

Vault Artist Studios, 4-84 Tower Street, Belfast, BT5 4FH


Toilet facilities | Opportunity to purchase works | Family friendly (i.e. suitable for bringing kids)