March 16, 2018

Baroque Master Painting Workshop with Brian Smyth, Cork

In this intensive 3-day workshop led by Brian Smyth โ€“ artist and tutor at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy โ€“ students will be introduced to the techniques and practices of classical atelier painting, focusing specifically on the reproduction of an oil painting by one of the Baroque masters: Caravaggio, Velรกzquez and De Ribera.

Students will work from a choice of several high-quality reproductions supplied by the academy. The various stages of a painting, from the drawing stage to the final rendering of the forms, will be discussed and demonstrated in detail. Further topics include: colour, paint quality, edge treatment, the relation of light to form, and much more.

Dates: 13 โ€“ 15 April 2018
Times: 10.00am โ€“ 5.00pm each day
Fee: โ‚ฌ300
Location: 46 Grand Parade, Cork
Booking: 087 660 9644 or email

Baroque Master Painting Workshop with Brian Smyth, Cork