February 14, 2019

Artist Talk | Sue Dolan at Lavit Gallery, Cork

23 February, 11am to 12:30pm.

Join Sue Dolan for coffee and chats in the gallery about her current exhibition ‘a mala nada na lama’.

Sue Dolan was awarded the Student of the Year prize, which includes a solo exhibition ‘a mala nada na lama’, currently on in the Lavit Gallery.

There is no such thing as tenancy when one’s inherent rights of ownership are treated as a sport by those in power. This work looks at the liminal space between both home and body displacement and reimagines the notion of championship as revolt.

Titled a mala nada na lama, Sue Dolan’s work merges video and installation while investigating a ‘wait’ stage and considers how this period of waywardness may impact the stability of one’s sense of identity. The work also confronts the question of whether the response itself may be as landless as those in the throes of a threshold.

a mala nada na lama is a reaction to a case study of documented resistance to the displacement of a community in Rio de Janeiro due to the 2016 Olympic Games and draws transcultural parallels with women’s rights in Ireland in 2018.

Lavit Gallery
Wandesford Quay, Clarke’s Bridge, Cork
T: 021 4277749

Artist Talk | Sue Dolan at Lavit Gallery, Cork