September 25, 2017

ABANDONED; NOT FORGOTTEN | Group Project at Sync Space, Bangor

13 September to 13 October

ABANDONED; NOT FORGOTTEN? Is a multidisciplinary art installation, which draws on the talents of four artists from different genres to use their own specialty to create a body of work each, which best answers the question โ€œHave we forgotten the heritage and culture that unities us in Northern Ireland; for the sake of the political agenda which divides us? All four artists answered with a resounding no!

It is Phase II of Visual Artistโ€™s Lise McGreevyโ€™s 3 year art programme, PEACE AND RECONCILE. The artists involved in this second stage installation are Lise, Composer Marie Therese Davis, Poet Jim Johnston and film maker Paul Whittaker.

Following a successful hosting at the start of the month at The Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings, Stormont (where it obtained cross party MLA support from Sinn Fein, DUP and SDLP) the installation then opened the Aspects Literature Festival when it launched at Sync Gallery, Dufferin Avenue, Bangor on 13th September. Please phone Nick on 02891 469240 to discuss opening times as these may vary.

This installation has also gained MLA support from The Green Party and Alliance and has already secured hosting by several galleries through Northern Ireland up until May 2019. Please email if you would like to discuss this project further.

ABANDONED; NOT FORGOTTEN | Group Project at Sync Space, Bangor