August 9, 2017

​Job Vacancy | Artistic Director at Sample-Studios

​Deadline for applications: Wednesday 16 August, 5pm

Sample-Studios CLG is seeking a dynamic and creative individual for the position of Artistic Director position. We are looking for an energetic, passionate, flexible individual to both represent the company and manage its inner workings effectively. Candidates should express an ability to build successful strong relationships with its more than 50 members, along with developing existing and new partnerships with stakeholders.

Reporting to the volunteer Board of Directors, and working collegially with the management team, the Artistic Director is a senior position with responsibility for the efficient management of all aspects of the company. Specifically, the Artistic Director will be responsible for the management of administration of services in line with the requirements of the company. The Artistic Director shall enact policy decided at board level and have the ability to make executive decisions on matters arising during the day to day running of the studios. The board of directors may defer responsibility to the Artistic Directors when they see fit to do so.

The successful candidate will have access to all work facilities, studios, etc. for the development of their own artistic practice should they require it.

Place of Work: Sample-Studios, John F Connolly Road, Churchfield, Cork, Ireland
Salary: €12 per hour / 2 days per week / 72 hours per month
Duration: Fixed Term Contract
Hours of Work: To be decided upon commencement

For full job description and requirements see:–internships.html

​Job Vacancy | Artistic Director at Sample-Studios