April 25, 2018

Yoga Life Drawing Class at BLOCK T, Dublin 8

Life drawing is about observing the human form and drawing the shapes it creates. Yogis throw some pretty interesting shapes that are both challenging and fun to draw. With the help of Ishtar we are launching an occasional workshop where you can do some yoga and then draw the poses youโ€™ve just experienced.

Like yoga, drawing is a moving meditation. This Yoga Life Drawing class will begin with a yoga sequence to get your mind and body warmed up and ready to draw. After which, youโ€™ll sit back with your drawing materials and let the model do the poses while you draw.

As well as being an excellent life model, Ishtar is an experienced yoga teacher, will she can give insight into the correct alignment of the postures youโ€™ll be drawing. Tadhg will also be there to provide some drawing advice.

Yoga Life Drawing is open to everyone โ€“ no yoga or artistic experience required. Places are limited, paper and art materials are provided, but you are welcome to bring along your own yoga mat or a towel. And if you needed any more persuadingโ€ฆ tea and treats will be provided.

Dates: May 7th 2018
Times: 6.30-9PM
Fee: โ‚ฌ15
Location: BLOCK T Studios, Dublin 8

Yoga Life Drawing Class at BLOCK T, Dublin 8