January 10, 2018

Workspace Available at A4 Sounds, Dublin 1

A4 Sounds have one personal workspace available from February 1st. Total cost of membership is €175 per month.

A4 Sounds are currently looking for fine artists working in a range of disciplines including (but not limited to) sculpture, paint, print, photography and textiles.

As a socially engaged organisation A4 also have a keen interest in applications from artists working in the following disciplines: Social Practice, Social Justice, Social Intervention, Socially Engaged, Dialogical, Participatory, Critical Thinking and Research, Activist, Political, Relational, Community, Collaborative Art or New Genre Public Art.

For more information about our studio, facilties and resources please visit the website:

To apply for membership, please fill out our application form here:

Workspace Available at A4 Sounds, Dublin 1