October 20, 2017

Where History Begins | Group Exhibition at Void, Derry

28 October to 16 December  2017

Exhibition Launch 28 Oct: Christodoulos Panayiotou in Conversation 6pm; Curators Talk 7pm; Launch 7:30-9pm

Where History Begins explores the complex relationship between material culture and historical truth. The development of archaeology in the early 19th Century is closely associated with the categorisation of material culture, preoccupied with the construction of a timeline through which artefacts determine the culture of a society in a space and time. These materials have become indexes within the field of research and when placed within a museum context have become valuable evidence or artefacts evoking a history.

The nature of culture is to be dynamic and constantly shifting, with a multiplicity of histories. This exhibition questions how we construct historical narratives, how there is no one historical truth, and in what way histories have been constructed through the colonial project and particular ideological contexts.

Artefacts that demonstrate the complex history of Derry City and its surrounding area, from the early Neolithic period (c.4000 – 3500 BC) to the Ulster plantation period of the 17th Century are exhibited with national and international contemporary artists revealing comparative histories with other cultures. The artists address the difficult relationship between destruction, conservation, appropriation and collective memory.

Patrick Street, Derry, BT48 7EL Northern Ireland
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Where History Begins | Group Exhibition at Void, Derry