January 22, 2019

Wanted | Space to Facilitate Pop-up Libraries

Do you run a arts organisation, community centre, or other space open to the public in Dublin? Would you like a library?

Submissions are now open for applications to have a pop-up library donated to your space. PopUp Libraries will install a set of shelves with a selection of books, available to visitors to borrow or swap. Submissions are welcome from arts organisations, community centres and other non-commercial spaces that are open to the public.

To apply, email with information about your organisation, a photo of where the library could be installed and if you have existing shelves that you would like to use for the library.

PopUpLibraries is an artist-led project to encourage ‘pop-up’ libraries in the community. The project aims to inspire a love of reading, encourage creativity and enhance public spaces.

For more information visit

Wanted | Space to Facilitate Pop-up Libraries