January 28, 2019

Visual Artists Café at VAI Office, Dublin

Wednesday 27 February, 10am to 3.30pm.

This Visual Artists Café event welcomes artists and arts professionals to come along, share your work and build your network of peers and contacts.

The Café will consist of Show and Tell presentations from 10 artists, a VAI help-desk for one-on-one information sessions and presentations from VAI as well as a chance to meet fellow artists in a friendly and open environment.

Attendees are welcome to either just attend the café or to also make a presentation as part of the Show and Tell. There will also be an option to book a one-on-one helpdesk session will also be part of the registration (spaces for the helpdesk are limited).

What is Show and Tell?
The purpose of Show and Tell is to allow artists to present work or concepts to each other in an informal atmosphere. The events are also intended to provide the wider general audience with an inside view of artistic practice. A maximum of 10 artists will present as part of the Show and Tell over the course of the day.

It’s Easy to Take Part!
The format is very simple. 10 artists are given 8 minutes each to present and speak about their work or concepts in 10 slides with time for discussion afterwards.

Why Take Part?
Many of us feel uncomfortable or nervous when speaking in public about our art practice, Show & Tell is a great way to dispel these feelings and gain confidence by presenting to other artists who are in the same boat and who want to support you and see you do well. You will also get feedback from other artists on your work and see what other artists in your area are creating.

Tickets: VAI’s Visual Artists Cafés are free for members, who can also avail of Help Desk appointments, and present their work as one of the 10 artists in the Show & Tell. Non-Members can attend for 10 Euros.

If you would like to take part in the Show and Tell or would just like to attend, register HERE.

Visual Artists Café at VAI Office, Dublin