January 28, 2019

VAI Workshop | Sculpture – Group Mentoring with David Beattie – Dublin

Thursday 21 February, 10:00am to 4:30pm.

This Group Mentoring session is designed to give you a place to look at your work in an open and welcoming environment, gain insight from one of Ireland’s most respected artists working across a range of practices including installation and sculpture, as well as the opportunity to gain input from fellow artists in attendance.

The first point of reference is a brief presentation by the Presenter on their own work, recent ways that it has developed, and their own opinions on how they describe, interpret, and evaluate their work. This is followed by an open Q&A.

Attendees are then asked to give a brief presentation on either a work or an area of their practice that they wish to focus on. A very controlled 10 minutes each, with the potential for immediate questions of about 5 mins each. After the individual presentations, then the group focus on critique using the above terms of reference, addressing how each of these has worked with the individual presentations and what are the ideas that arise for the participants as a result of the queries and comments.

A break for lunch is included. We recommend Luncheonette in NCAD as a good value local place to grab a bite to eat.

Tickets: 60 Euro for VAI Members; 120 for Non-Members; with Early Bird special prices of 50 Euro and 100 Euro respectively if you book before 5:30pm on Friday, February 1st 2019

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VAI Workshop | Sculpture – Group Mentoring with David Beattie – Dublin