March 4, 2019

VAI Statement on Payments for Get Together 2019 – The Facts

It has come to our attention that comments have been made on Twitter concerning VAI’s compliance with payment policies surrounding the Speed Curating event which takes place each year as part of Get Together, our National Day dedicated to Visual Artists. We wish to offer the facts.

Payment rates for Get Together are fully compliant with VAI’s Payment Guidelines.

These guidelines indicate a standard daily rate of 150 Euro for this type of event. Based on this we clearly indicate the stipend offered when approaching individuals to participate as a presenter on the day, indicating the work that we expect to be undertaken, and allow for the preparation time.

For example, a presenter may be asked to be part of a 1 hour panel discussion. We offer a full day’s rate for this as we recognise that, although it may be an area of expertise for the person, they will have preparation time to account for. An Artist may be asked to speak for 20 minutes, but once again we offer the full daily rate to take into consideration preparation time that they will have in putting together images and their thoughts around them etc.

Speed Curating is a key event. To delivery this, we work with curators who are either invited or who have shown an interest in participating during the year. This is broken into two sessions of up to 1.5 hours each, and is timed either side of the Lunch Break. Curators can decide if they wish to do both sessions or they may also choose to do only one. As bookings continue right up to the last minute, curators may be provided with a list of their appointments the day before, but more likely they will only know on the day the final list of people that they will see. Therefore, it is not expected that they research the artists that they will meet with in advance. In the absence of any published payment guidelines for curators, artistic directors, or arts administrators we offer slightly over half the standard daily rate to take into consideration the half day that we have asked for.

We also have a volunteer progamme during Get Together. In keeping with our policies on volunteers and interns, we offer each of our volunteers payment for their time and effort on the day.

We also offer all people who participate on our behalf, access to the rest of the day, as well as lunch. Presenters are not obliged to stay but we offer this as a side benefit that they may wish to avail of should they have interest in other presentations.

VAI’s Guidelines are available from our website at


VAI Statement on Payments for Get Together 2019 – The Facts