November 8, 2017

The Home Front | Irish Home Fronts at PLACE, Belfast

16 November to 22 December 2017

The exhibition contrasts domestic façades from the disparate island locations of Ireland and Galveston. It focuses on the ways people design and organise the fronts of their homes which appear to be regarded not so much as functional spaces but more as areas of public display.

Irish Home Fronts become sites of individual and cultural expression, adorned with ornaments that represent the householders’ personal interests. They can suggest a fantasy world where myth and romance feature alongside a nostalgia for an idealised past. In contrast, the dwellings on the island of Galveston reflect the damage and rebuilding following the disasters that accompany hurricanes. Austere frontages incorporate practical measures for disaster avoidance arising from storm surges.

The idea behind the comparison arose not so much by design but more to do with the fortunes of personal circumstances of living and working in unfamiliar environments. Consequently the exhibition also questions the scope and limitations of attempting to make a comparison between locations.

Last year, the exhibition was shown in Galveston at the Avery‐Winkler Artway, University of Texas Medical Branch and at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

PLACE Built Environment Centre
7-9 Lower Garfield Street, Belfast, BT1 1FP
T: ​(+44) 28 9023 2524

The Home Front | Irish Home Fronts at PLACE, Belfast