August 15, 2017

The Core Project Gallery Talk at RUA RED

Saturday 19 August, 3pm

Join us on the day of the exhibition opening for an insightful talk between the artist Matthew Nevin and Dr. Katherine Nolan. This is a recreation of a conversation they have had about Nevinโ€™s body of work in the past that will also be available to view during the course of the exhibition.

The Core Project is a multifaceted visual art project, presented through video, online and as a large scale installation featuring over 150 videos, by Matthew Nevin. In each video, a single respondent answers a question that they have not previously seen. By withholding the question, Nevin removes the expectancy that we as participants in an expanding online/new media culture have become accustomed to. It removes the power of the question from the participantโ€™s planned vocal and physical response. It sets an emphasis on the context of the answers and the behavioural nuances of the participants.

RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
T: 01 451 5860

The Core Project Gallery Talk at RUA RED