June 21, 2018

Studio Sublet in Brooklyn, Available from July

Studio sublet in Brooklyn available from July 7-21. The space is a big, old school live/work loft (ie: lots of space and light, view of Manhattan, Empire State Building, roof access; basic mod cons).

Thereโ€™s a 16mm Steenbeck editing table in working condition and lots of room to work (also a stash of large rolls of drawing paper, which youโ€™d be welcome to use up). There are 2 hot plates, a fridge, counter and sink; thereโ€™s a bathroom with shower; big bedroom and living room, 6th floor with elevator; loads of books and good music. Itโ€™s close to the York st F station and the A train High st station; Iโ€™m also up for somebody using my bike (as long as itโ€™s intact when I get back!).

Looking for someone who is clean, quiet (no parties) and reliable (references definitely help!)
$912 including utilities and wifi (might be a bit extra for utilities, if the a/c is hooked up);
$500 deposit + $100 cleaning fee

Get in touch with Moira for more details

Studio Sublet in Brooklyn, Available from July